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We offer a wide variety of legal services with a focus on getting you the best possible outcome for your case today and for future legal matters.

Legal Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

There is much value in being able to turn to one law office for the variety of legal services you might need during your life. At Jones, Childers, Donaldson & Webb, PLLC, we have proudly served the Charlotte, North Carolina area for more than 50 years. We have a proven record of providing valuable insight and a sound understanding of business and corporate law, criminal law, estate law, family law, personal injury law, real estate law, landlord/tenant law, civil litigation, elder law, and traffic law. Our team is dedicated to getting you the most favorable outcome with legal services that are tailored to your specific situation.

Legal services can vary widely from person to person and case to case. We take the time to learn what your objectives are and provide you with sound legal advice and guidance as you navigate whatever legal case is involved. We aren’t afraid of hard work and will put in the necessary time to obtain the best possible outcome. We can utilize various protocols, including mediation, civil litigation, contracts, and more based on the case and what it takes to resolve the situation at hand.

If you have any questions about our legal services or what our legal team can do for you, give us a call to discuss legal representation. We are committed to creating a long-term relationship with you so that we can be there for any legal matter you are facing now and whatever comes up in your life in the years ahead.

At Jones, Childers, Donaldson & Webb, PLLC, we offer legal services to those in Davidson, Hickory, Cornelius, Conover, Newton, Charlotte, and Mooresville, North Carolina.


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