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Personal Injury Law in Mooresville, North Carolina
Accidents of all types and levels of severity happen every day. While you may be unsure of whether you need a lawyer, you should never be ashamed or afraid to seek the assistance of a personal injury law attorney if you have a claim to dispute.

Generally, when a person has been injured—whether that be in a car accident or due to a workplace oversight—they can turn to their insurance or the insurance of the inflicting/negligent party to cover some or part of the expenses.  However, it is not unusual for insurance companies to deny parts of the claim, and for the injured party to be left to foot an extremely expensive medical bill.  It is also not uncommon for people to not care to report such injuries because they do not wish to create repercussions for the negligent party, such a boss they are friends with or a neighbor who rear-ended them, for example.  The injured individual(s) may then go on the bear the brunt of the problem—not only in dealing with their injury itself, but with the long list of costs associated with it.

It is important for such individuals to understand that taking care of their health and physical wellbeing is not something they should be ashamed of.  Most businesses and persons have some form of insurance to cover them against such problems, and they have been paying to that insurance for some time.  If, through another party’s negligence, you have been injured, the money that they have been paying to their insurance over time is meant to help cover problems such as this.  Let your care costs be met and paid for as they were intended, and understand that it is not a personal attack against the negligent or inflicting party. Your needs are also important.

Insurance claims can be tricky, and there are loopholes that most companies will try to find their way through.  Don’t get bogged down in that mire while you are suffering with an injury.  Call one of our practiced and proven attorneys who have ample expertise working on personal injury law cases. We understand that this can be a stressful time for all involved parties, and we strive to maintain a professional and cordial relationship as we work out the best solution for meeting your needs.